Newbie fqdn


I am trying to understand the fqdn for the virtualmin install.
I have read many of the posts but I am still confused.
I have looked on the server and all that I come up with is the host name.

I have three domains so far. Do I just choose one and use it to make up the fqdn?

An FQDN is typically in the form of “”.

That is, pick a domain name that you want to use for your server… for many folks, this is their company domain name, or perhaps a personal domain that you host.

Then, add onto that an arbitrary hostname.

And then you’ve got your FQDN!

Afterwards, what you’d want to do is setup a DNS ‘a’ record for your FQDN. So if you setup “” as your FQDN, you’ll need to set it up so that the name resolves to an IP address.

If you’re hosting DNS on your Virtualmin server, you can setup the ‘a’ record in Services -> DNS Domain.


Thank you for putting it into newbie language.