New Webmin 1.441 and Usermin 1.370

Howdy all,

New Webmin version 1.441 and Usermin 1.370 have begun rolling out to all Virtualmin repositories. Webmin and Usermin upgrades are always recommended for all users, as they may contain security fixes (not this time), bug fixes (true this time), and additions that are required by the next version of Virtualmin (true this time).

Changes since Webmin 1.430:

[li]A large Hungarian translation update, thanks to Domagoj Bikic.[/li]
[li]When a user whose password is close to expiry or has already expired logs in, a warning will be displayed on Webmin’s first page.[/li]
[li]Many Japanese translation updates, thanks to Kazuya Masuda.[/li]
[li]Russian translation updates, thanks to Anton Statutov.[/li]
[li]Updated many modules to use the new Webmin user interface library, for a more consistent look.[/li]
[li]Many BIND module updates, such as a new root zone file, view-level zone restrictions, a page for finding free IP addresses, inputs for concurrent zone transfers and more.[/li]
[li]Fixed bugs in support for DHCP custom options.[/li]
[li]Re-designed the Read User Mail module to match Usermin, and added support for Exim, thanks to Emmanuel Florac.[/li]
[li]Added tabs for user and group lists to the LDAP and regular Users and Groups module, and improved AIX support.[/li]
[li]Adds the missing Add User link in the LDAP Users and Groups module.[/li]
[li]View the detailed change log at [/li]

Changes in Usermin since 1.360:

[li]Converted several modules to use the new Webmin UI library.[/li]
[li]Autoreply messages containing non-ASCII characters are now properly quoted-printable encoded.[/li]
[li]Added text boxes to the GnuPG encryption, decryption, signing and verification pages for working on pasted text.[/li]
[li]When replying to a signed email, the PGP signature is no longer included in the response.[/li]
[li]Added full support for SSH type 2 keys, thanks to Sean Cox.[/li]
[li]Added buttons to the SpamAssassin auto-whitelist page for permanently allowing or denying selected addresses.[/li]

As always, if you run into any problems, let us know by filing a ticket in the issue tracker.<br><br>Post edited by: Joe, at: 2008/11/03 19:27