New Virtualmin virtual-server release 3.41-3

Hi all,

I’ve just rolled out a tiny bugfix release of the Virtualmin virtual-server module. It corrects a silly bug that causes a DoS when changing a virtual server owner password on the Edit Virtual Server page. No data is harmed, and security isn’t compromised…it’s just really irritating, so we’ve rushed out a patched 3.41 to fix it.

This release also fixes the SugarCRM download link, which was incorrect in previous revisions.

Get it in the usual ways, and holler in the usual places if anything is broken (it’s literally only a couple of lines changed since 3.41-2, so if 3.41-2 was working, then 3.41-3 should keep working).

BTW-If you "lost" any sites to this bug, just run "chmod 750 /home/domain" and all will be well. The bug caused the directory to get 700 permissions, which locks out Apache.