New Virtualmin virtual-server module version 3.48

Howdy All,

I’ve rolled out version 3.48 of the Virtualmin virtual-server module.

It includes the following updates since 3.47:

[li]Updated Xoops script installer to version, SugarCRM to 4.5.1f, TikiWiki to 1.9.8, Rails to 1.2.3, Radiant to 0.6.3, phpBB to 3.0.RC7, dotProject to 2.1, and SquirrelMail to version 1.4.11.[/li]
[li]Updated the Horde script installer to version 3.1.5, along with many Horde applications like IMP and Kronolith.[/li]
[li]Domains that don’t have any databases but are allowed to create one can now install scripts that have the ability to create a database.[/li]
[li]When re-creating a domain as part of a restore, the external DNS IP address is set to match the target system, rather than being copied from the source.[/li]
[li]Added the CA Certificate tab to the Manage SSL Certificate page, for uploading a chained cert from your CA.[/li]
[li]If the create of the Unix user or group for a virtual server fails, both are rolled back to avoid leaving half-created users in /etc/passwd or LDAP.[/li]
[li]Virtualmin plugins and modules that are not installed but could be are now in the right-hand frame, with a link to the Package Updates module to install them.[/li]
[li]Updated the proxy paths page to allow proxying paths to a single URL, even on systems that don’t have mod_proxy_balancer installed. For those with a module, the proxy can still be to multiple URLs.[/li]
[li]Changed default PHPlist version to stable release 2.10.5.[/li]
[li]Added a field to the Upgrade Notification section of the Script Installers page to specify a custom base URL for Webmin for email messages.[/li]
[li]On systems with the mod_proxy_balancer Apache module, Ruby-based script installers can run multiple Mongrel instances to handle higher loads. All needed proxy directives and server processes are setup automatically.[/li]
[li]Cleaned up the reseller editing page by breaking down fields into collapsible sections.[/li]
[li]The hosting provider’s logo that appears in the top-left corner can now be customized on a per-reseller basis, so that customers of each reseller see a different logo when they login.[/li]
[li]Added --logo and --link parameters to and, to set the logo their customers see, and updated to show the current logo for each reseller.[/li]
[li]Added an option to the proxy paths page to serve locally for some path (disable proxying). Also added a corresponding flag to the command-line API.[/li]
[li]When batch creating or mass deleting virtual servers, servers like Apache and BIND are not restarted to apply the changes until the entire batch is complete.[/li]
[li]Scripts that have a background server process (like Mongrel instances for Ruby on Rails) can now be stopped, started and restarted from the Manage Script page.[/li]
[li]Added an option to the Edit Mailbox page to disable spam filtering for a user. Also added equivalent command-line flags to the user and command-line scripts.[/li]

As always, if you run into any problems, let us know in the bug tracker.