New Virtualmin virtual-server module version 3.44

Howdy all,

We’re back onto our rapid-fire release cycle here at Virtualmin, Inc. (last release was less than three weeks ago), and this bunch is a big one.

I’ve just rolled virtual-server module version 3.44 into the repository, which has bugfixes, new features, new Install Scripts, and a new set of hooks for a new Virtualmin plugin module (virtualmin-init, also being announced today, which you’ll also need to install).

So, here’s the changes since 3.43:

[li]Added a script installer for the Textpattern Blog.[/li]
[li]Added a script installer for Instiki, a Ruby on Rails Wiki.[/li]
[li]Added a Module Config option to have MySQL users and permissions added to multiple servers, for use with replication or NDBCluster.[/li]
[li]Updated Coppermine script installer to version 1.4.12, PhpWiki to 1.3.14, TextPattern to 4.0.5, osCommerce to 2.2rc1, SugarCRM to 4.5.1e, phpPgAdmin to 4.1.3, phpMyAdmin to 2.10.3, Joomla to 10.0.13, and Mantis to 1.0.8.[/li]
[li]Webalizer statistics are now included in cPanel migrations.[/li]
[li]Added a script installer for Mephisto, a Ruby on Rails Blog.[/li]
[li]Ruby on Rails script directories are now protected from regular web access via a .htaccess file, as they are always accessed via a proxy.[/li]
[li]Added an installer for Radiant, a Ruby on Rails content management system. Unfortunately it can only be reliably installed at the top level of a virtual server’s web directory.[/li]
[li]When a virtual server is deleted, all Mongrel server processes for Ruby on Rails applications associated with it are stopped, and prevented from starting at boot time.[/li]
[li]Added checks for gcc and make to the Ruby on Rails script installers (needed to compile the MySQL driver), and make checking for commands by scripts more generic.[/li]
[li]Added a restriction to the Edit Owner Limits page to prevent the creation of catchall email aliases.[/li]
[li]Added fields to the autoreply section of the alias and user email forwarding pages to limit the date range on which replies are sent.[/li]
[li]Added a Module Config option to delete aliases when email is disabled for a domain.[/li]

Woot! In case it isn’t obvious, Ruby on Rails just got a major bump in functionality under Virtualmin, and it triggered the introduction of the virtualmin-init module mentioned earlier, which is a nice new feature that allows your users to start and stop things on boot, much like the root user can do using the Bootup and Shutdown module. Since the Rubyists like to run everything under independent Mongrel servers and proxy through via Apache, all of those Mongrels have to be fired up every time the server reboots. So, now there’s an API for doing that in addition to a UI for it.

Grab it from your handy Virtualmin Package Updates list, and holler if anything blows up.

Joe, It looks like the Packages[.gz] file didn’t get updated in the ubuntu repository, so the new files haven’t shown up for update there yet.