New Virtualmin virtual-server module version 3.40

Hi all,
The new virtual-server version 3.40 has just escaped from QC, and is ready for installation. It’s got bugfixes, some new features, and a bunch of Install Script updates. This version also adds an installer for SugarCRM. If you’ve ever tried to install SugarCRM, you know what a big job it is…Jamie’s a genius! (We already knew it, but here’s a fresh reminder.)
Changes since 3.39:

[]Updated Gallery script installer to 1.5.6, Mambo to 4.6.2 and phpMyAdmin to 2.10.1.[/]

[]If a domain with the same TLD already exists as one you are creating, the automatically generated group name will be the new full domain name, to avoid clashes.[/]

[]The stats web directory is now password-protected by default.[/]

[]Added the command-line script for displaying usage by domain, date and feature.[/]

[]Added script installer for Simple Machines Forum.[/]

[]Added a server templates option to set the default timeout for the HTTP status monitor feature.[/]

[]The number of days to keep old bandwidth data can now be configured on the Bandwidth Monitoring page.[/]

[]Added the script, for finding available features for new virtual servers.[/]

[]Updated all script installers to check for the mysql and possibly pgsql PHP modules, if needed.[/]

[]Added a link on the Manage SSL Certificate page for downloading a domain’s cert in PEM format.[/]

[]Added a button on the Bandwidth Monitoring page for re-generating bandwidth stats from the original log files.[/]

[]Added a script installer for SugarCRM 4.5.1b.[/]

[]Added a Module Config option to control of sub-domains can be created. This is disabled by default unless the system already has some sub-domains, as they are confusing and rarely used.[/]

[]All script installers now check that they can connect to the selected database before proceeding with the install, just in case the login is invalid. This prevents odd errors later on.[/]

[]Added Module Config options for external quota commands to use, instead of the standard Unix commands. This allows a different quota system (such as ZFS or on an NFS server) to be used instead.[/]

[]When creating a virtual server inside a Solaris zone, existing virtual IPs in the zone can be selected for domains that need a private IP.[/]

[]When editing server templates, fields that are not used because they are inheriting from the Default Settings are now greyed out.[/]

[]Added a link for copying the default settings template, rather than creating an empty template which inherits from it.[/]

[]The old one file per directory backup format is no longer available, unless already selected.[/]

[]Optimized the program, which generates the right-side system information frame.[/]


The update should appear in your Virtualmin package updates list. Or you can upgrade using yum, yast, urpmi, or apt-get, as appropriate.
As always, let us know about any problems you run into by filing a bug in the bug tracker.