New Virtualmin virtual-server module version 3.31

I’ve just updated all repositories with the latest Virtualmin virtual-server module version 3.31. This release contains a number of usability enhancements, bugfixes, tons of Install Scripts updates, and a few minor new features.
Changes since 3.30:

[]Added a server template option (enabled by default) to set group ownership on each domain’s MySQL database files, so that they are properly counted towards the domain’s quota.[/]

[]Updated the Disk Usage page to include the top 10 databases by space used.[/]

[]Added a warning when installing a script into a directory that already contains other files, as they will be deleted when it is removed.[/]

[]Updated the TikiWiki script installer to version 1.9.7, ZenCart to 1.3.6, Xoops to 2.0.16, Kronolith to h3-2.1.4, Turba to h3-2.1.3, Nag to h3-2.1.2, Mnemo to h3-2.1.1, DokuWiki to 2006-11-06, Gallery to 1.5.5-pl1, Squirrelmail to 1.4.9a, phpAdsNew to 2.0.9-pr1, DaDaBiK to 4.1_rc1, ZenPhoto to 1.0.5, and phpMyAdmin to[/]

[]Added script installers for Zenphoto 1.0.3 and bbPress 0.73.[/]

[]Improved the TikiWiki script installer so that the admin no longer has to enter database connection details.[/]

[]Added a new link under Administrative Options for switching to the login of a virtual server owner. This is only available for resellers and the master administrator.[/]

[]Added a section to the Edit Databases page for changing the MySQL and PostgreSQL passwords for a virtual server, to make them independent of the main administration password.[/]

[]The simple mail alias page can now be used to forward to multiple addresses.[/]

[]Password quality restrictions set in the Users and Groups module are now properly enforced.[/]

[]Re-designed the Edit User page to use a clearer sectional layout.[/]

[]Changed the default mail forwarding inputs on the Edit User page to use the same simple layout as the Edit Alias page.[/]

[]Fixed the Change IP Address page so that alias domain IPs are changed in sync with their targets.[/]

[]Backups of mail / FTP users now include their Cron jobs, such as scheduled emails and automatic mail folder clearing.[/]

[]Added an option on the Edit Reseller page to lock a reseller’s account. Also added --lock and --unlock parameters to and[/]

[]Added install-time checks to ensure that the Apache mod_suexec and mod_actions modules are enabled.[/]

[]Database backups and restores are done by calling functions in the Webmin 1.310 MySQL and PostgreSQL modules, rather than using duplicate built-in code. This prevents the PostgreSQL login prompt from appearing when doing a command-line restore.[/]

[]Email is now also sent when a new alias virtual server is created.[/]

[]Added a field to the DNS section of server templates for specifying BIND directives to be added to the named.conf entry for new domains.[/]


To upgrade on Red Hat based systems:
yum update wbm-virtual-server
On SUSE systems:
yast -i wbm-virtual-server
On Mandriva systems:
urpmi.update -a<br>
urpmi wbm-virtual-server
And on Debian and Ubuntu systems:
apt-get update
apt-get install webmin-virtual-server
As always, let us know about any bugs you find by filing a bug in the bug tracker.

Hi Joe,

Many nice things in the update!

I have a question regarding:
"Added a new link under Administrative Options for switching to the login of a virtual server owner. This is only available for resellers and the master administrator."

This is really a good thing, but I don’t think it works ok. If I click “Switch To Server’s Admin” a new left+right frame opens in the right frame, and in both the main left frame and the “new” left frame(inside the main right frame) the “Login:” text in the top still shows “root”. If I update the page the frames shows up ok, just one left+right and the “Login:” shows the right domain owner.

My problem is how do I get back to “root” again? As it is now I have to logout from the domain owner and log in again as root. Even if I try to “right click” and open in a new browser window my main window gets changed to the one I selected to open in a new window. I think there should be a way back to root or at least the possibility to “Switch To Server’s Admin” in a new window leaving the main window loged in as root.

I hope there is a way to “fix” this because this is a really good feature if there is a way back to “root” or the possibility to “Switch To Server’s Admin” in a new browser window leaving the loged in user(root) in the “main” browser window.



You echoed my comments almost exactly. See[A HRef="">Bug #572</A>.

The frames issue will be fixed when the latest Virtualmin Framed Theme is released, and I have proposed a method to prevent having to logout and log back in as root.


Hi Alan,

I just read your Bug#572, and I work in a símilar way whith 2 browser windows open. Sometimes I have 2 windows loged in as root, for example: in one I can look at Apache error logs, and in the other I have File Manager open so I don’t have to jump back and forth all the time. I allways log in at the same web address on both browser windows and this works without any problem what so ever, and of course it works loged in as root on one and domain owner in another as well.