New Virtualmin virtual-server module package version 3.22 available

There’s a new version 3.22 of the Virtualmin virtual-server module package in the repositories. It has some script updates, some additional support for running databases remotely, a large number of templates improvements, as well as implementation of a few suggestions from users. You should upgrade right now. It’ll be fun!
Changes since 3.21:

[]Updated ZenCart script installer to 1.3.5, PHPCoin to v124, and TikiWiki to 1.9.5.[/]

[]The ‘Full path to clamscan command’ option on the Module Config page can now take a command with arguments.[/]

[]The start and stop buttons for MySQL and PostgreSQL are not shown when it is not running locally.[/]

[]Access to the default templates can be denied to virtual server owners, just as it can be for other templates.[/]

[]Added a Save and Next button to the server template page, for easily moving to the next section.[/]

[]Added the --limits-from-template option to, to inherit default limits from template settings.[/]

[]Added the command-line script.[/]

[]Added a checkbox to the email section of the server templates to bounce email to new domains that does not match a specific alias or user.[/]

[]Added a section to the limits section of the server templates for selecting what capabilities are enabled by default for new domains (like being able to manage aliases, databases and so on).[/]

[]Added an option to the Spam and Virus Delivery page to automatically whitelist all mailboxes in a domain. Also update the script to be able to set this same setting.[/]


To upgrade on Red Hat based systems:
yum update wbm-virtual-server
On SUSE systems:
yast -i wbm-virtual-server
And on Mandriva systems:
urpmi.update -a<br>
urpmi wbm-virtual-server
Please let us know of any problems, by filing a bug in the bug tracker.