New Virtualmin virtual-server module package version 3.20 available

I’ve rolled out the latest version 3.20 of the Virtualmin virtual-server module. It includes a large number of bugfixes, feature enhancements, script installer updates, customer-requested enhancements, and more.
Changes since 3.19:

[]Comments on mail aliases can be edited, and will appear in the list on the Mail Aliases page. The program has also been updated to allow comments to be set, and the program to show them.[/]

[]When email is set to a new or modified mailbox, the From: address is that of the domain owner.[/]

[]Added Module Config options for commands to run before and after an alias is created, modified or deleted.[/]

[]When a domain owner is granted access to the Webmin Actions Log module, he can also view actions taken by extra admins.[/]

[]Added script installed for DaDaBiK 4.0 beta 2.[/]

[]Fixed a bug that prevented DNS zones from being added to a file other than named.conf, even if specified in the BIND module.[/]

[]Changed the layout of the script installers page to show more information, and added checkboxes and a button for un-installing several at once.[/]

[]For scripts that have more than one version available, a description of the meaning of each version (such as stable or development) is displayed.
Updated script installers for Drupal to versions 4.7.2 and 4.6.8, phpMyAdmin to 2.8.2 and WordPress to 2.0.4.[/

[]Sub-domains with DNS enabled are now added by default as records in the parent DNS zone, rather than as a completely new zone.[/]

[]The server template editing page is now broken down into sections, selectable using a menu. This reduces the size of the form, and makes it easier to find settings that you are interested in.[/]

[]Removed un-needed code to support versions of Webmin below 1.290.[/]

[]Added a script installer for AROUNDMe 0.6.9.[/]

[]Added check for a global SpamAssassin call in /etc/procmailrc, which can interfere with Virtualmin’s per-domain SpamAssassin settings.[/]

[]Improved support for running within a Solaris zone (thanks to Textdrive).
]Added an option on the Backup Virtual Servers page to have each server’s backup file transfered by SCP or FTP after it is created, rather than doing them all at the end of the backup. This saves on temporary local disk space on the server running Virtualmin.[/*]

[]Virtusers associated with mailboxes are not un-necessarily removed and re-added when no email related changes are made.[/]


To upgrade on Red Hat based systems:
yum update wbm-virtual-server
On SUSE systems:
yast -i wbm-virtual-server
And on Mandriva systems:
urpmi wbm-virtual-server
Please let us know of any problems, by filing a bug in the bug tracker.