New virtualmin missing something? 3.61

Hi All,

I just discover the new version of virtualmin 3.61 missing some parameters inside the configuration page. Anyone could help on this?

Missing: "Format for usernames that include domain"

After upgrade the 3.61, All new account could be create but the login will be username.domainname only.


This option moved to Server Templates ages ago.

You can find it in the "Mail for domain" section, at the bottom.

Whenever an option “disappears”, it’s usually been moved into Server Templates (which allows the option to be different for different users or resellers).

Thanks JOE, I got that.

Seems the documentation need to amend some content I think

Where did you find the incorrect docs? I’d like to correct them.

Refer to,virtualmin_module_configuration/

Under section of "Defaults for new domains"

The sub topic like
"Shell for mailbox users"
"Shell for FTP users"
"Shell for jailed FTP users"
"Shell for domain users"
"Format for usernames that include domain"

May move to other session as "server templates" side. Seems this document written with v2.60 interfaces. So after update to v3.X. Style change. we will not find the above setting area in Modules-> Defaults for new domains

This is just a suggestion.