New virtualmin-lamp-stack and virtualmin-lemp-stack metapackages for Debian

Howdy all,

I’ve just rolled out new virtualmin-lamp-stack and virtualmin-lemp-stack metapackages for all supported Debian versions.

The changes are minor and inconsequential for all but Debian 8.

Changes in this version:

  • virtualmin-lemp-stack and virtualmin-lemp-stack-minimal packages for Debian 8 added php7.1-cgi package to correct problem of fcgid execution mode not working with nginx.
  • All other Debian versions virtualmin-lemp-stack-* packages had an extraneous dependency on the php package removed (and replaced with php-common). This seems to avoid an issue where Apache could be unintentionally installed in some cases that I don’t quite understand.

If you have any domains affected by the fcgid bug on Debian 8, you will need to update/upgrade, make sure it installed php7.1-cgi, and then switch the execution mode (in Server Configuration->Website Options->PHP Script Execution Mode) to FPM, save it, and then switch back. This will regenerate the configuration file with the correct path and options.

The bug did not affect PHP-FPM, so switching to PHP-FPM is always a good option.