New virtualmin install

Ok, so I posted in a different section my issues, because I wasn’t paying attention when I did it, but I’ve received very little response so I’m posting again here. Sorry for the double post.

Ok. So I’ve got a fresh install of Ubuntu 7.10 with LVM. I’ve got Apache2, PHP5, postfix, proftpd, open-ssh, webalizer, pop3/IMAP, yada-yada. I use for my sites which I thought would work, and it kinda does, but not really right now.

I fixed a load of issues, but one still remains. I can’t access virtualmin from the outside world. I can get to my site, but aside from that I cannot. I’ve documented out all the steps I took in this thread, to get to where I’m at. Right now, I’ve got my DocumentRoot set to “/var/www/”, which is well and good and all, but I can’t get to anywhere except the main page. If someone could throw me a bone, that’d be great otherwise I think I’m gonna just dump it all and go back to what I’ve been doing. Thanks.