New virtual server

Hello everyone,

I had a virtual server with name orioneweb and user name orione.
I want to create a new virtual server with name and user orioneweb.
I saved the file but not the database for orioneweb (the first virtual server).
At the momento of delete orioneweb (first virtual server) I haven’t deleted the database (Only remove the server from Virtualmin’s control, and leave the website, users and databases untouched).
How do I create a new virtual server with user orioneweb?

Thanks to all

So you have a database, but currently, no domain.

And what you want to do is create a Virtual Server using that domain, then somehow have that domain take control of your existing database?

Once you have a domain name, if you go into Edit Databases, you can go into “Import Database”. That allows you to import a database that’s not currently owned by a Virtual Server into the current domain.


But when i try to create a domain appear this error message: “Failed to create virtual server : The DNS domain is already hosted by your DNS server”


Hi Guy ,

When you choose this select " Only remove server from Virtualmin’s control, and leave website, users and databases untouched "

The server is keep all data in your server.

You should import the server again by " Virtualmin --> Add Server -->Import Virtual Server"

Import your removed domain name .

The domain name will become normal , you can edit , removed , or any thing you want.

@ming: What version of Virtualmin are you using? I don’t think the option you mentioned exists anymore.

If I remember correctly, it was deliberately removed some time ago, to avoid confusion/problems. I might be mixing this up with something else though.