New virtual-server-theme version 6.5

Howdy all,

To coincide with Virtualmin 3.64, I’ve rolled out a new version of the Virtualmin Framed Theme. Like the 3.64 release, this one is a pretty big one–it looks bigger than it is, but it does have some major changes in appearance. The most noticeable change is the conversion of System Information to participate almost fully in ui-lib usage…so it gets all of its style information from the theme, just like everything else. This means that sections look like sections everywhere else in Virtualmin/Webmin (borders, gray background, blue title bar, etc.). We’re getting mixed reviews on this change, but its definitely more consistent, and make it easier for us to move forward with the ongoing total UI overhaul.

A few other changes:

[li]Consistent type across all pages and all browsers, which should mean that all modern browsers render almost identically (this includes Firefox, Safari, Konqueror, IE 7 and 8, and Opera). This should correct several issues with things getting smooshed out of the frame, in IE, in particular. IE still has one minor flaw with the left menu when the scrollbar appears, but I hope to get that fixed soon. [/li]
[li]New Status section. This cleans up the status section, removes the start/restart/stop buttons and replaces them with small icons. Also puts them into a two column table. I think it looks nicer, but it’s still a work in progress.[/li]
[li]Use of YUI CSS reset. This fixes a number of other browser rendering differences which have existed for years, and have been difficult to correct without breaking rendering in other browsers. It also improves consistency. Also a work in progress, but it’s better than it was, so worth releasing today.[/li]

As always, let us know about problems, by filing a ticket in the ticket tracker.