New virtual-server module version 3.59

Howdy all,

Now that I’ve recovered from a brief bout of stupidity this afternoon, version 3.59 of Virtualmin and 6.0 of the Virtualmin Framed Theme are available for update. (More details on my stupidity after the changelog.)

Changes since 3.58:

[li]The PHP modules and Pear modules available for each domain are now displayed on the Website Options page.[/li]
[li]Plesk 7 backups can now be migrated as Virtualmin domains, using a new backup file type on the migration page.[/li]
[li]Updated the Piwik script installer to version 0.2.3, Magento to 1.0.19870.4, PHPCoin to 1.4.3, Gallery to 2.2.5, Horde to 3.2.1, Turba to 2.2.1, Mantis to 1.1.2, SugarCRM to 5.0.0f, Movable Type to 4.12, OpenX to 2.4.7, phpScheduleIt to 1.2.9, phpMyAdmin to 2.11.7, and Trac to version 0.11rc2.[/li]
[li]Added a script installer for Zikula, a new content management system written in PHP.[/li]
[li]Allow the default shell to be set on a per-template basis.[/li]
[li]Added a complete Spanish translation, contributed by Ignacio.[/li]
[li]The bandwidth usage graphs can be restricted to showing just servers that are over their limits, using a new mode link.[/li]
[li]Move some rarely-used options to the Advanced section of the Module Config page.[/li]
[li]Additional manually configured nameservers can now be more easily entered in server templates, in the BIND DNS domain section.[/li]
[li]Converted all command-line API scripts to use POD format documentation.[/li]
[li]Added the Virtualmin API helper command /usr/sbin/virtualmin, which lets you more easily call API scripts with a command like "virtualmin list-domains --multiline". Help on commands can also be displayed with like "virtualmin help list-domains".[/li]
[li]Purging of old backups made to FTP or SSH servers is now supported, for FTP servers that use Unix directory listings and SSH servers that allow commands to be run.[/li]

The only significant change in 6.0 of the theme is that it has been modified to use new menu-generation functions in Virtualmin and Webmin, which allows new themes to more easily integrate functionality from modules like Virtualmin and its plugins. Thus, building a "Virtualmin-ready" theme is much easier than it has been in the past.

So, what’s this about me being stupid? Well, I rolled out the Virtualmin Professional updates this afternoon…those were fine. But the Professional syncing process also rolls out new versions of everything except the Virtualmin virtual-server module (which has to be added manually, since it is a different package from Virtualmin Professional). Normally, this is harmless. Changes in the theme have historically never been disruptive with older versions of virtual-server (though the reverse often happens–the Virtualmin module very frequently relies on changes in the theme). So, this is pretty much always the order in which things roll out: theme and module roll out simultaneously to Professional repository, the theme automatically drops into the GPL repository simultaneously, and a few hours later the GPL module rolls out. Nobody ever notices because it never causes problems. This time it caused problems. So, for as much as five hours this evening, people who follow my frequently given advice of “always run the latest version of what we put into the repositories” got bitten by a broken menu.

Apologies for the inconvenience.