New virtual-server module version 3.10

The virtual-server module has been upgraded to version 3.10 in the repository. The following changes have been added since version 3.09:

  • Proxying to SSL websites now works when using Apache 2 or later.
  • When moving a sub-server, you now have the option to convert it to a top-level server with a new username and password.
  • When email is enabled or disabled for an existing virtual server, MX records are added to or removed from the DNS domain.
  • Virtual server owners are no longer allowed to change the Apache server name or aliases for their websites, as this can confuse Virtualmin.
  • Changed the way ClamAV is called from Procmail so that it doesn’t reject mail when some error occurs, such as a shortage of disk space for scanning.
  • Added checks for ownership to directory validation.
  • Added script installer for IntegraMOD.
  • When moving a server, if a vital feature fails (like the home directory or Unix user), the entire process is halted.
  • Added the command-line script, for checking the configuration of virtual server features.
  • Added a Module Config option to validate the Apache configuration before applying it, to prevent config errors from halting the web server.