New virtual-server module version 3.09

Jamie has released version 3.09 of the virtual-server module, and I’ll rolled it into the repository. It adds a few nice new features and fixes a few bugs.

Here’s the changes since 3.08:

  • Added a script installer for phpWebSite.
  • Added a button to the Edit Server page for moving sub-servers to a different owner.
  • When a process (such as a domain setup) requires Apache to be restarted, it will not be re-configured as well.
  • Added script installer for osCommerce.
  • Updated the function for moving virtual servers to allow a parent server to be converted to a sub-server, and create a command-line script for moving servers.
  • Added a new page available to the master administator for validating virtual servers, by checking that all enabled features are actually properly configured.
  • Added a button to the server template pages for viewing scripts associated with a template, for installation when a server is created. This allows common third-party scripts to be automatically setup for new servers.
  • Updated the installer to have Webmin pre-load several Virtualmin and Webmin libraries, speeding up the user interface.
  • Added a link to the left-side frame for viewing a domain’s website, using a HTTP request tunnelled through Webmin. This is useful if the domain name has not been fully registered in the DNS yet.
  • The Command Shell module is now available to server owners - but can be disabled on the Module Config page.
  • Removed the Logrotate and Webalizer features for sub-domains, which share log files with the parent domain.