New Virtual Server home directory scheme

When I add a new virtualhost, Virtualmin creates a directory with username in /home/. And there is no index (php, html or else) in /home/$user/public_html/. How can I add a default index file for virtual hosts that I’ll add in future?

look int /etc/skel/

Whatever is in there gets copied to the root of the new virtualhost directory.

so a /etc/skel/public_html/index.php

would appears as



Thanks for your reply! But as default, my /etc/skel/ directory is empty?

EDIT: I created directory /etc/skel/public_html/ and put some files in it, and they are copied to newly created virtual server’s home directory, it works. But I can’t find how to delete default ‘awstats-icon’ and ‘icon’ directories.