New virtual server - folder permissions


I’ve created a number of virtual servers from my admin account in VirtualMin, but I have an issue with the folder permissions.

I would like to be able to access all those folders, myself, for all the virtual server’s I’ve created. I cannot see how to do it though. I’ve tried adding my admin username to the usergroup of each of the virtual servers, but I still get refused permission to access their directories.

Could someone point me in the right direction how I can create virtual servers and have full access to the folders as the admin?


Depends what you want to do. I have started using the built in File Manager for a lot of tasks I did previously with putty or ftp. It is a pretty handy and quick tool. You can also change file and folder ownership and permissions using it in order to use other external tools if they are interfering with your access.

hi, you can login to server via ssh as root, you will have access to everything. You can use filezilla for that or directly ssh with mc installed. Perhaps as ksihota mentioned you can use build in file manager for that. No need for putty (if you use file zilla - i think ssh is build in). With root you will not need to modify any groups or anything.