New users have no shell

Not sure what i’ve got wrong here, but it seems when i create a new virtual server the unix user has no shell and can’t login through ftp. I have to manually set the shell

the relevant settings in module config are

Shell for mailbox users: /dev/null
Shell for FTP users: /bin/false
Shell for jailed FTP users: None
Shell for server Unix users: /usr/bin/scponly

have i missed something here ?

Hi Chris.

Thats because you set the Unix User shell to scponly. All the others seem fine, just change your unix user shell in the module config for virtualmin.

I have mine set to

scponly does not let you execute commands in the shell, so i guess thats the reason you cant logon. Scponly webpage is:



I don’t believe its anything to do with scponly, i included that for completeness. When i say the user has “no shell” i mean that no shell is set at all, it’s totally blank.

In "Webmin] System] Users & Groups" a new domain owner appears like this

<b>Username | User ID | Group | Real name | Home directory | Shell </b>

testing | 550 | testing | test server | /home/testing |


The user is not getting any shell (not even scponly)