new user called webmaster


First of all, sorry for my english.

I use virtualmin on CentOS 5.3 without any problem until today. It’s a very great tool !

But today, i wanted to add a new ftp user called ‘’ to an existing virtual server.

The problem is that this user cannot login to FTP :confused: If i change its login to ‘’ for example, it works.

It seems that virtualmin looks for protected regexp in user logins or something like that.

I’ve been looking in module’s configuration, in vain.

How to change this ?

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Hmm, that seems odd :slight_smile:

If you are able to create a user named “”, there shouldn’t be a problem logging in as that user.

What shows up in /var/log/secure when you try to log in?

i think virtualmin creates 4 mailaliases by default, one of them is webmaster.
per haps this is the problem.

you can see this in the server template under "mail for domain"and another option by clicking the Edit mailaliases link in the left colom and see what aliases have been made

@ronald : it is the first thing i checked. Ben even if i suppress the alia webmaster @ it doesn’t work

@andrey : /var/log/secure
Apr 29 18:50:12 ns37528 vsftpd: pam_unix(vsftpd:auth): check pass; user unknown
Apr 29 18:50:12 ns37528 vsftpd: pam_unix(vsftpd:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=ftp
Apr 29 18:50:12 ns37528 vsftpd: pam_succeed_if(vsftpd:auth): error retrieving information about user

Thanks for help !


any idea someone ?


i have no clue really. But if you create the user postmaster, is this working?
If its not working then it might have to do with the aliases in some way and I would then file a bug.


Simple and Good idea to create a user called postmaster. I’ve just done it, and it doesn’t work too !

Tried to create another user called, no problem !

Seems there’s something wrong between mail aliases and ftp users.

Thanks for your help.

the simplest way is now to forward the webmaster emailalias to another email address such as your private home address
and/or to ask in the bugtracker why there is a conflict (after removing the alias) and how to solve it.

oh nevermind my last reply. I forgot it had to do with ftp user and not additional mail user. Must have been some blackhole in my head :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your answers. But my problem is for ftp users.

Just isntalled virtualmin on another fresh dedicated server, centos 5.3, webmin 1.470.

The problem is exactly the same…

Sounds like a bug…while there is a webmaster alias, by default, if it allows you to create the user without error it ought to work (or, if it can’t work, it ought to give an error when you try to create a user that overlaps with one of the default aliases). I’d suggest filing a bug in the tracker.

bug filled.

Thanks for your help.