New updates without description?


On 12/Oct/2009 there were two updates “security-updates” and “virtual-server-theme” but I see no information about any of these on the forum. Joe, would you be so kind and write something about what kind of security issues this update relates to?

Best regards.

“security-updates” is the package name, not an indicator of what kind of update it is. :wink:

There have been no security related fixes since…Virtualmin virtual-server 3.72, I believe, which had a few local file link-related issues brought to our attention by a customer (and those changes were well-documented in the change log at the time).

They are both minor cosmetic bugfix releases (I think security-updates fixes a package name display bug, specifically, and I don’t remember the specific issue with the theme). We don’t usually do changelog entries for cosmetic bugfixes, since they are functionally no-ops.

BTW-I should mention that these were quite old updates. They didn’t happen on October 12th. The last security-updates module release was April 22nd (version 3.5), and the last theme update was on July 27th.

You might want to check to be sure cron is running on your system, and that the collectinfo job is running regularly (or, that you are more frequently checking for updates, if you are doing so manually). We always do a news post when there are security or other large updates, but the rest of your system probably wants to be up to date as well.

Unless you’re pulling from Jamie’s repository rather than the repo…in which case, there might be newer packages (but I would recommend you run only from the repo rather than mixing and matching the repos and; they’re both maintained by Jamie and I, but the repo is only tested with other packages from the repository and the OS).

Ok. Thank you for explanations. The cron works and the script collectinfo runs regullary. When it comes abour repo, I make no changes in the configuration so there should be defaults set. Can’t find where the repo source is defined.