New to Cloudmin, need some clarification and help please.

I had tried this before but my goals and needs changed somewhat since then. so I would like to try cloudmin again.
Here is what I have:
a SuperMicro Server with 2x6 core opteron CPUs and ~50GB of RAM
2x1Tb drives for system use.

  • 4 data drives in btrfs raid1 pool total 3.5TB

I am concidering CentOS7 or Fedora 22 server as the target system.

What I want:
I want a single host vistualisation system. this is a home use VM and File server setup.
I have one(1) server that will hold all my VMs (about 5-6) and all my data drives.
if I can manage the drives pass-through to VM I will run a FreeNAS or OpenMediaVault VM to manage all access to the data as needed including user setup and access.
if not I will set up NFS shares on the HOST system and mount that in the above VM where the VM will maange the access to the data.

what I am asking is: to have the setup described, do I need

A.) Cloudmin Only ?
B. ) Cloundmin + VirtualMin ?

Do I ever need a UserMin?

I plan to access the system from local lan and from internet.
I am using free no-ip,com domain (
is there a way for me to patch through the router so I can access not only the main host system (I know ho to do that) but also the VMs maanged by it?

should I use the “” as my domain for FQDN when asked.
as in or should I just have a made up internal domain
like “myhome.lan” and use that inside the network myHostname.myhome.lan
than do NAT or something. networking is not my strong suite but I can follow directions.


PS>> I will be using the GPL license for this setup, but I would really like to contribute to the project.
is there a way I can donate some money rather than buy a license. obviously I do not want a subscription as I am not using it for busies and not make any money out of it.
if there is no option to donate I might just buy a license but want install it. don’t want the struggle with downgrading back to GPL.