New theme progress report with screeenshot

Just another daily progress report on the ongoing development of the new Bootstrap theme for Webmin/Virtualmin/Cloudmin/Usermin.

Today included fully updating to Bootstrap 3.0, which broke some things, But, I also added some navigation improvements by moving frequent or important menu items into the upper navbar (Home icon goes to the System Information dashboard or Inbox on Usermin, and logout and search have the right side of the navbar).

I also removed all old theme CSS and JavaScript files, including our custom JavaScript lib. Which also broke some stuff. Will be refactoring to use Bootstrap and jQuery. In the meantime, it makes some stuff look funky.

Without further ado, here’s the screenshot of the current state of the theme:

Great job, I am glad there is progress on the theme, it should give it a smoother experience.

I definitely think you are 1 step closer to making Virtualmin more mainstream. People care more about how something is presented and looked than its functionality now. While functionality is important, the ones who will use the hosting services are usually non-tech savvy users and thats why cPanel has gotten the market.

If theming is made easier, the it will be 1 less thing required for Virtualmin to be mass used compared to where it is now.


when will this bootstrap theme be released?

I’m planning an alpha release this week. There were a few outstanding issues I discovered in testing that made it not reasonable to release last week (like Virtualmin Configuration page selection not working, System Statistics still being broken, and a few layout issues that I think I can wrap up in a day or two), but I’m feeling pretty good about all of those being fixed this week.

And, I think we’re still on schedule for having a beta quality release before end of year, and hopefully a production quality release in January.

Great. Thank you so much for your dedicated work. I really appreciate when people like Joe and Eric are focusing on a product. Without such of people we could not get the benefits of such of wonderful piece of software. Most of us are spreading our work in too many projects and we could not move the big stones.

when will this bootstrap theme be released?