new SSL Certificate SHA-2 testing as SHA-1

Hi, I installed new SSL certificates on two virtualmin servers both are SHA-2 certs

Both servers are CentOS 6.6 & should be the same but seems not.

first server testing via online SHA-1 sites & comes up correct as SHA-2

second comes up as SHA-1

I presume its something in apache causing the 2nd server to use old cipher as I thought I read some think like this in the forum previously, where someone suggested what/where to look to find cause. But I can not find the reference to is now.

Advice pls :slight_smile:

PS both CSR request SHA-2

More info:

The second server had a previous cert on same ip which I think may be causing the problem
but I had previously removed ssl from other domain prior to adding mew cert to other domain.

I cant see anything obvious but there must be something causing to use old cert
as 20000 IMP & Dovecot use correct new cert


When browsing to, are you seeing the correct website?

But even with that correct website, you’re getting the old SSL certificate?


Hi Eric, thanks

Nope - its not loading the test index.html page - all directives apache conf point to /home/server/public_html dir

The servers orig an existing ongoing FQDN (by I mean same as when Virtualmin 1st installed & used default SSL created during install. Now much later I’ve installed new SSL cert on new Virtualmin created domain

Exactly same procedure on 1st server that works OK, only difference is that on 2nd server with issue, had a previous ssl on diff domain on same ip.

--------- I think I’ve found my mistake - issue, appears one should not create a domain with same name as servers FQDN. As it worked on server 1 I thought it should work on server 2 so I presume my config issue will lie in virtualmin server config.