New server checklist for GPL Webmin/Virtualmin?

I am close to having my sevrer set up, but it has taken a really long time because it is extremely difficult to get info on how to set stuff up with Centos 5/Webmin/Virtualmin.

Is there a guide/checklist to go through the different items?

For example I can’t find much on antivirus protection for th server/email, nor can I get much on spam protection. I think spamassassin is working my machine,. but not 100% sure.

Also integrating phpmyadmin into each virtual domain. Additionally Squirrelmail or IMP/Horde - I successfully got Horde working but it wasn’t easy.

I have actually done 1 OS reload on my server due to trial and error testing.

So, and kind of checklist detailing step by step instructions to get a fresh server setup with WM/VM and typical packages would be awesome.