new problems arose

hello there, i have a friend testing my server for me, more for functionality and userability etc. etc. and has found a small problem that i cant seem to see a fix for, first is when he trys to create a sub-server for himself it gives him the error "Failed to create virtual server : A website cannot be enabled unless a home directory is created", when i try to create the sub-server via the master admin account i can create it without problems. any help on this would be great, and a second thing i am have noticed is that i enabled log rotate so that log files are smaller and so on, but i get an email with a list of errors from apache, the error that relates to mixing wildcards with port numbers, what can i do to resolve this problem? my apache knowledge is a tad bit rusty

Howdy Mike,

The Apache error is an easy fix (though one of these days, I need to figure out why the keeps popping up for people…I don’t see it on my test systems, but somehow folks keep finding it…definitely a bug in there somewhere). All you have to do is make sure that your NameVirtualHost and VirtualHost sections all match (both IP and port). The probable solution is to simply remove the wildcard entry entirely from httpd.conf or apache.conf (and make sure none of your VirtualHosts use the wildcard…convert them to an explicit IP address if they do, make sure it’s the one Virtualmin is using so it doesn’t get confused).

As for the home directory for sub-servers thing, it’s a conflict between options, but it sounds bug-like. I don’t think the options that are conflicting actually exist in a changeable form. I haven’t seen this error, but I’ll ask Jamie to drop in and take a stab at it.

Hi mike,

One way that this could happen is if the user isn’t allowed to create domains with home directories. This should never actually happen as it is usually a mandatory feature, but you could fix it with the command :

/usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server/ --domain --allow dir

A proper fix for this will be in the next Virtualmin release.