New mail users get FTP and SSH access


I have come across an issue using virtualmin via the command line (and API).

This is only happening on one of my virtualmin servers (I have 2 which are configured the same way), so it may be a setting causing “strangeness” in the way virtualmin adds users.

I am running ubuntu server 10.04, with the latest virtualmin and webmin (3.97 / 1.610).

Here is my example:

Adding a mail user via the command line.

$ virtualmin create-user --domain --user test --pass test123 --quota 1048576
User test.testdomain created successfully

$ virtualmin list-users --domain
User                 Real name            Mail FTP        DBs  Quota          
-------------------- -------------------- ---- ---------- ---- ---------------
test                                      Yes  Yes        No   1024 MB 

You will see the user has been given FTP access by default.

However, there is no way on the command line to disable ftp while adding a user (you can only add ftp access with --ftp).

It is almost like virtualmin is picking up default user capabilities from a setting somewhere (although this happens on all servers so if it is a setting it’s global).

I am going to continue looking to see if I can tell what is happening, but I thought I would throw out this question in case it has been seen before.

This is a little bit of a security issue, since I really don’t want to give mail users FTP/SSH access.

Thanks for any feedback,


If you take a peek in System Customization -> Custom Shells, are the shells listed in there the same between both of your systems?


Is the user created as email or website ftp access user? (Is the user shown in italics in Virtualmin’s web GUI user list?) What kind of login access is shown for the user in the web GUI?