New mail login when migrating from cpanel

I’ve been searching for an answer to this, but didn’t find any, so here we go:

When migrating a virtual server from cpanel to virtualmin every user with email on that server has to change their login in their email-reader. Virtualmin use user.domain while cpanel has user+domain.tld

Is there a quick hack that will enable me to migrate users from cpanel til virtualmin without having each and every person change their configuration in outlook ?

Hmm, so your users are:


Rather than:


A lot of the cPanel installs I’ve seen used the @ in their login names (which is easy to handle in Virtualmin by going into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Mail for Domain – then scroll all the way to the bottom of that page, and you’ll see “Format for usernames that include domain”).

As for how to handle a + character?

I’m not sure you can the way things are now, you may need to put in a support request to inquire about that :slight_smile:

Yeah, file a ticket. See if Jamie has any objections to “+” as a delimiter. I’m not sure, off-hand, if it’ll cause any problems with any of our components. cPanel uses a different mail server (exim, I think?) than our default, so maybe there are issues there…but I don’t think so.


Did you ever get this fixed? I too am migrating Cpanel sites with user+domain.tld to Virtualmin but getting this problem with existing email accounts no longer working as I can’t seem to get the plus symbol to work?

Appreciate this is an old thread but if you managed to get it working with + in the username would appreciate the solution!



I’m honestly not sure if that’s working or not… I haven’t heard anything good or bad regarding users trying to migrate users with a + in the name.

I might suggest trying what Joe mentioned above, and file a support request regarding that.

It’s quite possible the original user hadn’t done that, if you’re seeing that it still doesn’t work.

Or maybe Jamie opted not to implement it for some reason… I’m not quite sure.

However, if you file a support request, Jamie will be able to work with you on that, and we’ll get to the bottom of whether or not it should work :slight_smile: