New installs creating /home/._default_hostname

OS type and version RockyLinux 8
Webmin version Latest
Virtualmin version Latest

Very recently (last 2 weeks) every new install we do, appears a /home/._default_hostname but not displayed at virtualmin backend.

This hostname setup is created at step [21/21] Configuring Virtualmin. How to avoid creating it?
My install command is sh -b LEMP -f
We use the nginx bundle.

Thanks in advance.

You mean no port 10000 login via ip or domain

also the latest download script is call

This is expected and can be controlled from System Settings ⇾ Virtualmin Configuration: SSL settings page with Setup Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for hostname option.

Thank you for letting me know.

That doesn’t seem to answer the original question. How can we prevent this hidden virtual server from being created or how can we delete it once it is created.

By going to the already mentioned page, setting this option to No, and re-checking the configuration:

Re-checking the configuration was the missing step. Thanks!!