New installation fails configuration check


I am a new user to Virtualmin pro, so bear with me if this is a stupid problem. I have searched the forums but have not found an answer.

The server is a P4 2.8G with 1 Gig ram and 250 Gig hard disk.

Debian 4.0 installed just fine. seems to have run correctly. Vitualmin responds via a web browser but when the check configuration button is clicked, VM goes through its list of modules and shows them as being installed and configured. Unfortunately, after it says that Spamassassin and procmail are installed and ready for use, VM just sits there. The browser says it is loading and never changes. When I select a menu option from the side, System Settings, etc, it responds with "ERROR FILE NOT FOUND" in the menu frame.

I have checked the installation logs, and no errors were reported. Any thoughts?


Well, this may not be an issue. I went off to lunch and when I came back VM appears to have completed the checking. Everything seems to look ok.


The clamav check on some systems is really, incredibly, bizarrely slow. Jamie has added code to cache the results of this check, so it should only happen rarely (when things change that would effect AV scanning), but it still has to do it once.

We plan to switch over to clamdscan for all platforms, by default, in the next revision of the installer or two…but until then, it’s just an annoying thing on some systems.