New install on Ubuntu 8 server

I just did an install on a new install of Ubuntu 8. I did this because I wanted to be sure I was in the zone of supported os.

The system would not install at all using apt-get. Claimed all sorts of packages were missing. I down loaded the install script and that failed on the first attempt to install. The second attempt seemed to work.

The apache, and DNS modules were not transfered to the server list. They are likely more but that is all I had time to notice. They were in the unused module list.

I have seen this before with spamassassin on my production server and others in the past on other installations.

How dose webmin check to see what modules of used and which are not?


The instructions here:

might help. The instructions are actually for 8.04LTS though the title says 7.whatever. Covers all the steps I’ve had to use to install Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server on two i386 machines.

I’ve had very good experience running Webmin, Usermin, and Virtualmin GPL on Ubuntu.<br><br>Post edited by: VyouFinder, at: 2008/10/31 06:31