New httpd and apr packages for CentOS/RHEL 3

Hey all you stability junkies out there (i.e. those running our oldest supported OS, CentOS/RHEL 3), I’ve just made some changes to the Apache version in your Virtualmin repository. Your httpd version has been bumped to 2.0.53, a package very similar to the one we provide on CentOS/RHEL 4 and Fedora Core 3, and apr now comes from its own package rather than the libs being bundled with the httpd packages.
The reason for this change was that modern versions of mod_fcgid will not build against the very old version 2.0.46 of Apache that ships with CentOS/RHEL 3, due to a couple of missing defines (and code to respond to those defined values), and we are committed to providing mod_fcgid with PHP4 and PHP5 SuExec support on all supported platforms by the end of the Early Adopter period.
I don’t expect this change to cause anyone any problems, unless you have custom compiled modules running with your Apache (which will have to be rebuilt), but I do recommend you perform the upgrade at a time when you can watch the results, and test to be sure everything is working after the change.
To perform the update, you can use yum:
yum update httpd httpd-devel httpd-manual httpd-suexec mod_ssl
If you run into any problems with this new version, please let me know by filing a bug in the bug tracker.
Note also that this upgrade is required for the new virtualmin-base package (which doesn’t actually do much, but does add a dependency on mod_fcgid, which requires these new packages). So, you’ll want to plan to perform this upgrade at least by the time I roll out PHP5 packages and a new fcgi-wrappers package for you in a few days (assuming you run PHP scripts and want to have the new dual-version capabilities that I’ve been working on).

To clarify Joe’s announcement, this update wasn’t only for CentOS/RHEL 3. There was also an update for CentOS/RHEL 4, and possibly others. I realized this when I did a yum update on my CentOS 4 system, and the httpd packages were bumped from version 2.0.53 release 3.2.vm to release 3.5.vm.

In particular, some of our CGI scripts stopped working after this update was installed. For more details, refer to[A HRef="">Bug #518</A>.

Hi Joe,

Where can I get the dependency:

Unable to satisfy dependencies
Package virtualmin-base needs mod_fcgid, this is not available.

to upgrade to CentOS 3.8


Hey Dan,

Quite right…somehow I failed to build this one for x86_64. I’m building it now…

(And the good news is that my primary build box is now an x86_64 system, so 64 and 32 bit releases will be able to roll out simultaneously.)