New FTP User Only sees .usermin?

I am needing more and more to allow a third party expert to get on the server and work with issues for us for a short period of time. I assume the best way to do this is to go to the Virtual server e.g

Email Mail and FTP Users --> Add a User to This Server --> enter user name e.g “

Enter a password, set home directory to default (ends up in /home/myDomain/homes/mango)

Email Settings: disable

Other user Permissions: Email and FTP
Pick the MySQL database he also needs access to.

OK now when I test with my FTP client all the “mango” can see is


What I really want it to lock this user into the


directory and not let him see anything else.

What am I doing wrong? Do I need to go tweak the new user in WebMin or UserMin ( doesn’t make sense that that would be required…) shouldn’t he see everything in /home/myDomain/ ??

Never mind… although the GUI for “add a User to this Server” shows “Email and FTP” it is does not in fact offer FTP access to the public_html folder… You have to use the “Add a Website FTP user” which is over on the right. the form looks almost identical, but after it’s entered the user’s name is underlined.

A little more documentation on the UI itself would help.

“Users have permissions to FTP to their home directory”

"Website FTP users will have permissions to read and write to “public_html” folder of this site.