New DNS Slave configuration guide

I’ve just uploaded a new HOWTO document covering the steps to configure one or more DNS Slaves using Virtualmin plus a Webmin server. While everything covered has been documented in bits and pieces before, it is such a common requirement (pretty much everyone running a hosting system needs it) it was worth putting it all into one concise document.
The new guide is located in the[a href=“”>Documentation</a> section of our website and is entitled[a href=“”>Automatic DNS Slaves Quickstart</a>
Please let me know if you run into any problems following these steps.

Whats the minimum webmin version for the proposed slave in this scenario? I’ve got webmin 1.180 on a debian box set up for the slave but when I try to add it thru the master’s “Cluster Slave” area, I get the error message:

This server does not have the BIND DNS Server

Thanks in advance for any pointers,


FYI, updating Webmin fixed this problem.


Hey Daniel,

It’s worth noting here that while I’m a huge proponent of “use the OS-provided package when possible” system administration, the Debian Webmin package is utterly unusable for a number of reasons. It’s really, really, old and has been unmaintained for years. It lacks a number of security improvements in more recent versions. And it breaks up Webmin into dozens of tiny packages–none of which really work without the rest. Because Webmin relies so heavily on code sharing between the various modules, it should be thought of as a single application–those modules that Jamie believes should be distributed separately (e.g. Virtualmin, Simple Firewall, various niche modules, etc.), are distributed separately. This latter problem is the one you were seeing–the Debian “webmin” package can’t actually do much because it doesn’t have most of the modules!

So, making use of Jamie’s .deb and using the latest version is the way to go.