New Command Line Tools Documentation

Howdy all,

Despite the fact that Jamie has been hopping the globe lately (within 24 hours of our return from Chicago, he was on a flight to Malaysia where he’ll be for two weeks), he has performed a massive overhaul of the command line API documentation. These docs had fallen a bit behind the actual tools, and a few commands were missing, but Jamie has killed two birds with one stone and converted all of the docs over to POD format docs within the scripts themselves and insured that all commands have documentation coverage. This was a huge undertaking, and I don’t know where he found the time…maybe on that 20-some-hour flight!

My (tiny) part in the whole equation was adding support to the Pod::Simple::Wiki module for DokuWiki (coming soon to a CPAN mirror near you, if you happen to need that sort of thing), so that we could automatically add those docs to the wiki every time there is a new release–so it’ll be impossible for us to forget to add docs for new commands or options, as they will be right there in the file. And, since they’re in POD format, it means we can also begin including man pages for all of those commands, as well, though that’ll take a little while to figure out, since man pages are not something we’ve ever distributed with Webmin modules before and we have so many different package formats to deal with. It’ll probably also wait until we have a command in the /usr/sbin that acts as a wrapper for all of the Virtualmin command line tools (so it will be in your path for easier usage).

Anyway, those docs can be found here:,command_line_api/

They are now organized into categories rather than one big page, to make them easier to find. Since their generation is automatic, you obviously don’t want to edit them in the wiki–if you find a problem with those docs, file a ticket so we can fix it in the source. I’ll get DokuWiki’s namespace and permissions figured out shortly, and we’ll get them locked.