New blog post and progress on a Virtualmin install script for Mac OS X

Howdy all,

I’ve just posted a new blog post about using Homebrew to install server packages on Mac OS X. We’ve been asked (and we’re being paid a little bit) to get Virtualmin running nicely on Mac OS X. I figured this would take a couple of hours, but somehow that’s ballooned up to well over 30 (half of that was getting a Mac OS X development environment running), but since I’ve already spent so much time on the project, I am going to write up the process as I experiment.

Today’s installment covers Homebrew, which is a package manager and software repository for Mac OS X. It has some quirks that make it unsuitable for server usage…and I found some workarounds, which I documented. But, it seems likely I’ll be using Mac Ports for our install script, and recommending it for people who want to run servers on Mac OS X.

Anyway, here’s the blog post:

If you’re already committed to using Homebrew, and want to make it more secure for server usage, this is probably a useful article for you. Hopefully, it might convince you to consider options other than Homebrew if you want to run a server on Mac OS X (despite Homebrew’s many fine qualities, this is a really big issue on a world-facing server).

Over the next couple of days I’ll post another article or two, and hopefully publish a basic install script for Virtualmin on Mac OS X.

If you’re a Mac OS X expert, give me feedback! I have no idea what I’m doing.