New AWStats and PHP Pear packages

Hi all,
I’ve just dropped new versions of the Virtualmin AWStats and PHP Pear modules into the software repositories for all platforms. These are bugfix releases to correct a few bugs identified by users.
Now that the security-updates module has been rolled out to everyone (you’ve all got it now, right?), I won’t bother you with the details for installing from the command line. Just select the packages to upgrade in the Virtualmin Package Updates page, and click Update Selected Packages.
If anyone doesn’t have the Virtualmin Package Updates module, you can get it by upgrading to the latest virtualmin-base package using the appropriate package manager for your system (i.e. yum, apt-get, urpmi, yast, or up2date). If you’re not sure what to do with that information, let me know in the issue tracker and I’ll walk you through it.
As always, if you run into any problems, let us know in the bug tracker.

I haven’t seen any updates show up under the “Virtualmin Package Updates” page on the webmin side, nor on the front page in Virtualmin.

I thought someone else had already mentioned it, but can’t find that message after a quick search through customer issues tracker.

I’ve got everything up to date that I know of, running 3.39, etc.

Perhaps the problem is that my list does not include AWStats or PHP Pear.

Is there some other place besides Webmin->System->Virtualmin Package Updates that I should be checking for this?

I’d like to see new AWStats