Networking problems (Ping failed)

Hi there!

Sorry for bothering you with this probably basic stuff, but I am having trouble getting Cloudming GPL to work properly. Of course I am willing to upgrade to Pro once I feel it works fine. (Happily using Virtualmin Pro already).

This is my situation: the host machine has an IP address assigned (of course) on which I installed Debian 5.0 and Cloudmin GPL. So far so good.
In addition to the main IP address, I have a /27 IPv4 subnet. I added the range to the Cloudmin configuration and the XEN instance I created got an IP from that pool, and it even appears to boot.

However I get the error “Ping failed”. So I believe there is some misconfiguration with my network.

So I googled and fiddled around a little bit, changing from Bridge to Routed (since the subnet is apparently bound to the host adapter MAC address).
Then I also edited /etc/network/interfaces by adding:
up ip addr add dev eth0
down ip addr del dev eth0
However something seems to be missing here. The first IP of the subnet responds to pings, however all others do not. Including the one assigned to the Xen instance.

I would be very glad if you could help me out with this one, I really want/need to get started with Cloudmin so I can moove over my Virtualmin Pro server (which is on another physical machine right now) into a virtual instance and so on.

Ok I just upgraded to Cloudmin Pro. Can I get help now? =)


While I’m not entirely certainly, it’s possible what you’re seeing is actually normal.

Take a peek at this document, and look at the section named “Setting up DHCP”:

The issue may be that if the IP the system came online with wasn’t what Cloudmin expected, it may not know how to contact it. The solution is to setup DHCP on your Cloudmin server, as described in that document.


I read the documentation and am afrad that the “empty system” is not what applies in my case.
I still suspect something is wrong with my network configuration on the host system.
Maybe i should open a ticket so i can post my ifconfig information etc… :slight_smile:

Hi Hal.
Did you sort out this error? as i too am looking for this solution as any VM i make comes up ping failed.

any help appreciated.