Network services were disabled

I was using Network services for ages for things like port forwarding.
And now after some time I need another rule for port forwarding. I connected to webmin and found out there is no more “Network services”. I found them only in Un-used modules? How it happend??? I think it is after some kind of update… How I can bring back it like it was???

OS type and version Linux debian 9
Webmin version 1.99

How did you update Webmin? What is your exact Webmin version?


Every time webmin/virtualmin asking I update everything and just now notice this issue. Dont know after which update it’s happend. Maybe somebody other noticed the same

Do the directories /etc/webmin after and before update differ in any unusual way?

never checked this directories before update, just was updating…
Strange thing that old port forwardings looks like still working…

Network Services is just a UI for xinetd, which is considered deprecated on any modern Linux, is it not? I also don’t understand what “rule for port forwarding” would have to do with Network Services? xinetd just starts services when connections are received on a given port (which can also be done with systemd on a modern system, though I dunno if we have any module support for that feature).

Edit: And, of course they still operate whether Webmin is doing anything with them or not. Webmin does not do anything, it just configures the things that do things. In the case of Network Services, it configures xinetd.