Network Interfaces not holding virtual interface

Hey all has anyone had any problems with the Network Interface not holding the Virtual interface? when i add a domain to the Virtualmin with a Different IP it takes all the IP’s out of the network interface… any one have any idea why? this would happen? i am tired of having to put them back in every time i add a new IP to the Virtualmin interface…
OS CentOS Linux 5.5
Webmin version 1.520
Virtualmin version 3.80.gpl GPL
Cloudmin version 4.8.gpl


Hrm, I’ve never heard of anything like that happening.

What are your interfaces named – are they all “eth0:N”?

Also, how are you going about adding the IP addess for your domain?



yes they are all eth0:N and i add it through the Virtualmin Create server page… or even if i change the IP’s in Virtualmin it still dont add them… i am Boggled also on this… any help would be Great…