Network Configuration Crash my System

Every time I press the “Apply Configuration” button in Webmin ->Networking -> Network Configuration, my computer/network/internet crashes. I cant even reboot the system from the power button because the menu wont show, I have to reboot from the terminal.

Here is what happen… Every time I reboot the system I have to manually add to DNS servers, so, thats what I did. After pressing the"Apply Configurations" button, i get a computer crash, because the power button that give me the menu to logout, shutdwn and all that, no longer shows me that menu. I have to manually reboot from terminal. I also loose internet connection, and thats the reason why I have to reboot the machine.

BTW Im in Ubuntu 12.04 and Virtualmin version 3.97.gpl GPL.

Does any one has any idea on this problem? basically, every time I press the Apply Configurations button in the Network Configuration section causes the system to creash the system and I lose internet connection.

I suspect some sort of invalid network details are being applied to your system… something that’s making it inaccessible to the Internet.

You may want to run “/sbin/ifconfig” and “route -n” both before and after hitting the “Apply” button, to see what exactly is changing.

Also, you can manually edit /etc/resolv.conf from the command line to add “nameserver”.


iF i try to edit /ect/resolv.comf i get this message: DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE BY HAND – YOUR CHANGES WILL BE OVERWRITTEN.

I formated the drive and made a fresh installation and even before i created my first server, i tried clicking on Apply Cofigurations and still the system crashes.

I dont know if it has anything to do with the installation os the ubuntu-restricted-extras, so I formated again this time did not install the ubuntu-restricted-extras. See what happens.

looks like ubuntu-restricted-extras had something to do with it. The crazy stuff is that without installing ubuntu-restricted-extras, quots for the / would not work, so I install ubuntu-restricted-extras fter everything was working and now everything is looking right (at least I think it is).

Now I jus need to figure out how to make may mail server work, since i think my ISP block outgoing mail

Last update… Went back to Ubuntu 10.04 and quotes and all is working great. I guess my server don’t like Uubntu 12.04. About the LVM and all the expand of storage spare stuff, Ill put that in hold for a while till I learn a bit more or find a goo tut. Thx guys