Need to whitelist a domain (in greylisting)

I have greylisting enabled, but need to exclude (whitelist) a domain. I’m guessing I need to set it up at a reg exp? I currently have it as, (with reg exp set to ‘no’) but that doesn’t seem to work. Can you provide an example of how to do the reg exp?

Thanks, Chris

Hey Chris,

Are you trying to whitelist a sender or recipient?

Some of this may need to go into the Virtualmin help pages – but to help get you started, the syntax listed in the Postgrey manpage may be helpful.

Check out the section labeled “Whitelists” here:

ag, can’t believe I didn’t say… I am trying to list a recipient, so mail coming in TO any address on that domain is not greylisted.

I’m checking out that link…

Yeah, in theory, all you’d need to do for that is just list the domain.

You shouldn’t need to use a regex.

If that’s not working for you, I might try restarting Postgrey just for fun – perhaps the daemon has to restart for it to re-read that config file.

Ok, on that page it looks like I just enter the domain name. So I changed to regexp = yes, and now it seems to work. Maillog is marking everything coming in to that domain as ‘whitelisted’.

Thank you!