Need to install a PHP module on the second version of PHP on server.

I have 2 versions of php installed (5.3.3 - came with the setup) and an upgraded 5.6… I need to install PHP-GD to the 5.6 version but am not able to figure out how. If I use yum install php-gd it wasn’t to install to the 5.3 versions which is already installed. I’ve tried php56-gd, php5.6-gd and a few other variations with no luck…

YOu don’t say what repo you are using, but most likely what you want is php56-php-gd --Just listing out the available packages with yum list should have cleared that up.

I’ve tried that before, heres the output:

yum -y install php56-php-gd

Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, security

Setting up Install Process

Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile

No package php56-php-gd available.

Error: Nothing to do