Need to create UNRESTRICTED ftp user

We need an FTP user that can fully manage the website via FTP (upload/download/create directories, etc) but is NOT the admin level user of the virtual server in VirtualMin.

I created a user in webmin and they can login to the main account via FTP and move within the /home/mainsite/public_html but they cannot upload nor delete. (they can download)

I am hoping to not have to modify proftpd.conf for this purpose as it seems it should be straightforward to have an ftp user for managing the website that does not also have master admin virtualmin privileges.

What am I missing?


You can do that by creating a website access FTP user.

To do that, go into Edit Users -> Add a website FTP access user. From there, you can create a user with rights to modify public_html.


That was perfect. I just didn’t look in the upper right corner for a solution. Such an easy and elegant solution.