Need some help..all my domains pointing to one location

Ok, i think i have some serious problems with my virtualhosts and after 16 hours of searching and trying I am lost now. I lost my tracks now and i’m planning for reinstalling the server again and doing everything all over :frowning:

The problem is at first. All my virtalhosts were first pointing to /var/www/. So i had to check what was going on and finally came up something in my apache log:

[quote]apache2: Syntax error on line 268 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Could not open configuration file /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default: No such file or directory
Action ‘configtest’ failed.
The Apache error log may have more information.[/quote]

After consulting a friend about this, he asked me to delete the symlink. All of a sudden, the domain which was pointing to /var/www/ all the time points itself to /home/domain/public_html and i though everything was ok again by a corrupted symlink.

I went to bed with a satisfied feeling and thought i could finish all my other domains this morning while i changed their dns settings in my domainpanel of ISP. So i came out bed and started to add my virtual domains. But the problem is now that ALL my virtual domains are pointing to the first /home/domain/public_html. And because i went to bed while i was throwing all the negative vibes from me, i forgot all my tracks and i do not know now anymore what i did :frowning:

I wanted to start all over, but my VPS ISP didn’t gave me a control panel to load in a new image, so i’m stuck now. Really frustrating.

Is there anyone in here who can point me to the right direction? It’s really annoying to face all this for almost 24 hours now. Hope somebody can help me.

OS: Debian 7
Virtualmin 4.10.gpl GPL
VPS with just one IP

Nobody who wants to help me?

I am sure people would love to help but sounds like a mess. You are not sure what you have done so there could be issues that you have created while trying to fix the issue.

Do you have a backup that you could restore? That would be the best solution, failing that a start from scratch would be most straightforward.

When you get a problem, check the logs and take action on what they say: eg. what is on "line 268 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf " ?

Thank you for your answer. Line 268 points to sites-enabled which had the corrupted 000-default in it. And which i had to delete.

Problem is that i want to start over from scratch, but my ISP is terrible slow (i have no VPS control panel) to reinstall it. i already wait for 36 hours, so i’m stuck, i guess.

Do you have a copy of the deleted file so you can put it back in place and troubleshoot it?


You may actually just be seeing an IP mismatch in the Apache config. Take a peek at the documentation here where it says “The Wrong Site Shows Up”: