Need Professional Help

I need some help. Wondering if you provide support and services.


I’ll personally recommend @calport.

He has very reasonable rates and has helped me out before. Send him a PM with what you need and he’ll either be able to fix it or point you in the direction of someone who can.

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Thanks @Gomez_Adams.
I talked to this Guy . He charging 25 USD/Hour and he will only look at the issue if i pay him 2 hours in advance. I am a bit concerned about paying full amount upfront without knowing a person.
Thanks anyway!

He does that now because he got stiffed in the past spending two hours figuring out someone’s problem and then they’d just leave and never pay him. Good luck finding someone that will charge you only 50 bucks to look at and diagnose your problem.


Our (Virtualmin) support rate would be much higher than that, and I don’t think any of us have time to take on any other projects, even small ones, right now.

I spend as much time as I possibly can answering questions here in the forums and in the Pro issue tracker. But, I am only able to drop in for a couple of minutes per post, I can’t invest the time in complicated issues right now.



I’d be happy to look into your matter, and provide assistance. Drop me an email if you’re interested.

*** BTW: I charge $40/hr (Canadian Dollars) to Virtualmin users as an introductory rate. Charges are post-paid with a minimum 1 hour paid after the initial FREE consultation. ***

Best Regards,
Peter Knowles | TPN Solutions

It would help if you provided some idea of the problem

How much you charge?

never pay in advance - only to virtualmin. If anyone help you in any way be it debian or on centos or whatever issue you have with virtualmin and its not virtualmin team - kindly you donate money - not pay in advance.I have seen calling calport calling users here on this forum idiots publicly - also hes advices are usually from google - which I do not see any point to pay in advance specially you could google them too. (some of the avices where ill-advised and not safe). If you need pro support please talk to @Joe or @Eric or @Ilia or as I personally can say Peter @tpnsolutions have great know-how specially on centos. As I said, if you would like to prepay - go with virtualmin guys and if someone help you here on forums and its valuable - donate to that person.


Thanks for the kind words. I do my best to offer solid assistance, and just for clarity on the “pay in advance” topic, while after an initial consultation I bill in hourly increments, I never bill in advance of offering a complete solution. My work also comes with a “7-day fix it guarantee” – my way of saying your satisfaction is more important then the money.

Anyways @mahatmainnovations my offer to assist remains on the table. Drop me a line if you’d like to chat.

Best Regards,
Peter Knowles | TPN Solutions

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@unborn I sell goods online, people always pay up front, so why would it be diferent to booking a time slot with an engineer like @tpnsolutions ?

There is much information to be found on Google and I am sure any advice paid for can be found on Google for free, but you have to know what you are doing and understand what you are reading…

I suggested before that @mahatmainnovations gave us an idea of what his problem is, then he could get some FREE advice, that does not mean that he will be able to fix the problem himself. At the moment we have no idea what his problem is so can not advise.

If his problem is urgent then he should pay to have it fixed.

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You are right, of course, @siteXmedia and each person or business is free to implement its own terms of service, as it sees fit, with regard to payment in advance or after service is delivered. So if @tpnsolutions is willing to offer a free initial consultation then that’s a good option for the community. We should mention this to all who come here with questions about Virtualmin and could benefit from such a consultation. I shall endeavour to do that in the replies that I post, going forward :+1:

Addendum: @unborn yours is a self-fulfilling prophesy because the moment my message / solution is posted here, it becomes part of Google’s search result. :slightly_smiling_face: Just kidding!

Hello Guys,

I realize this is old but I thought I would add my 2 cents. I never have the client/individual pay upfront, I always help with what I can and if they decide not to pay that’s between them and their God. I do this on the side as fun and it’s my hobby. If I can make a couple of extra dollars so be it. I can assure you that they will not get any assistance from me in the future. I was always taught “fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me!”

But I always try to deliver and if I don’t they don’t get charged it’s the only way to do business/support…Just sayin…



This thread makes me aware that maybe we ought to have some way for folks to check the reputation of people offering services here (or offering to buy them…as it’s also useful to know if someone has a history of not paying). I’ve found a user feedback plugin that allows people to leave reviews of other users, which I’ll test out. I’d probably like to have a user reputation module as well (that shows how many likes a user has and their user level, which is useful in terms of knowing someone has been around for a while and has been participating and helpful), but haven’t found one yet.


@Gomez_Adams ,
@Joe ,
@tpnsolutions ,

Guys ,
Thanks to all for your reply. I appreciate . FYI , i am also a programmer(CRM Development, Linux Administrator) , i have more than 10 years of experience . I at least listen to my customer issues first in their CRM/Server before i speak about my charges and I never discourage any customer even he says he can not pay ,. i assist him .
Anyways , i would need some help in Virtualmin and offcourse i will pay. But i need you to patiently listen to my issue and advise accordingly.

  • How to automatically apply SSL to all subdirectories of a Subserver SSL applied during creation ?

  • How to optimize my server significantly?

  • Apply Firewall .

  • Guide me how to point a domain . I am a reseller.

  • How can i have a different version of MySQL for a certain virtual server?

  • How can i speed up Server

  • I am with DigitalOcean. Currently i have one droplet linked to my domain. If i add more droplet and can i link it to same domain or i will have to buy another domain.

  • Do do i create server quickly with all security , SSL etc in place.

  • Incase there are lots of images , files in my website , how i can manage server storage efficiently ?

  • How i can make sure , my server wont be hacked.

  • How i will link additional domain of my customer into my server?

Please let me know if anyone of you are interested .


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I am sure someone can help you with these issues; it is quite a list. However this is a great group of people here and very helpful.


Also was wondering this exact thing. I’m more than happy to be a pro account with payment but was hoping to have access to higher (paid) support in case of emergency

Be careful with that. They are quite easily abused. I have experienced people so petty they will create multiple accounts using VPN’s to give themselves +1’s and conversely go around giving others they don’t like -1’s.

If anything, a plus only system in my humble experience works best for two reasons:

First off, they can only give positive ratings. If they start dolling that out to themselves and nobody else with alt accounts it’s relatively easy to spot.

Two, it completely eliminates the negative rating abuse.

A shame you have to consider things like that, but I’ve personally seen it quite often.


Yeah, community is hard because it has people in it.

And, unfortunately, tech folks can be a bit prickly (as we see a microcosm of in this very thread). We’re not always known for our social graces (and I am in no position to judge, I’m practically a shut-in most of the time, even when there isn’t a pandemic raging outside, and I fear I stir up my own fair share of grumpiness with terse answers, sometimes).

Positive-only seems like a good start for the ratings (and that’s all we allow on posts, you can like a comment or not, you can’t downvote…people do flag things sometimes out of personal animosity, but we can individually judge those and act on them as best we can). I’m a little nervous about a public reviews system, as it definitely can be abused, and we don’t have a lot of spare time/desire to spend moderating and policing it. That’s why I think making forum reputation public is probably a little better…it’s “likes only”, it indicates a long-term commitment to participation in the community even if it doesn’t really give a precise measure of what that participation was (just agreeing with people all the time will get you a lot of likes, but doesn’t add anything useful to solving someone’s problems). But, so far I don’t see how to do that…still working on it.


So I’m not the only one who wouldn’t have noticed the pandemic had I not read about it in the news.

I find that strangely comforting somehow.