Need info about WEBMIN


Recently I installed a webmin on my server. But I cannot accesss it from the internet. I just want to access it from the net. I am accessing it on my LAN.

Also I need to know about SSL tunneling.


Hey Muhmammad,

Webmin, by default, is accessible on all addresses on the system–so there’s no configuration in Webmin needed.

You may need to open port 10000 for TCP traffic, if you have a firewall. Or you may have to port forward port 10000 to the server, if it runs behind a NAT or masquerading router/firewall device (like a cable or DSL modem/router, for example).

To open port 10000 using the Linux iptables firewall on most versions of Linux (all except SUSE, as far as I know):

iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 10000 -j ACCEPT

I can’t be specific about the other case, as I have no idea what kind of device you might have (or even if that is the problem). We’ll need more information if this doesn’t solve your problems.

SSL tunneling can be done using the Webmin SSL Tunnels modules. It uses STunnel to create and manage the tunnel. Not much to say about it (it just worked when I’ve tried it in the past)…and I’m not really an expert. The STunnel docs are probably a good start.