need help to add Virtualmin


i have a server with ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS and webmin but i need also virtualmin because its a dedicated server now i want to know if i can add virtualmin

so can you help me ?


If your server isn’t hosting any websites or email addresses yet, you can add Virtualmin by running the script available in the Downloads section above.

If you can, that’s by far the simplest way to install it, and what we’d recommend.

However, if you’re already hosting websites or email, you can manually add Virtualmin… it’s a lot more work, but you won’t have to format and start over :slight_smile:

There’s instructions for performing a manual install here:

Additionally, to prevent any or if you run into any problems, the cleanest way to install Virtualmin is to use the script Eric mentioned on a freshly installed Ubuntu (in your case; other distros are supported as well of course) without prior configured or installed web software. If possible for you, that’d be the recommended way.