Need help installing the virtualmin repository YUM


I am using centos-5. I have managed to get virtualmin installed successfully. The did not work on my system so I had to install using the webmin module. Everything is working except that I couldn’t get Proftpd installed. I found a similar issue on the forum:–yum-%3D-nothing-.html

I think that I understand how to resolve this issue but it requires adding a yum repository. I am new to YUM and do not know how to add repositories. I think that I need to setup a mirror using an rsync command but my attempts to learn how to do this have confused me more than they have helped. I would like to add the following repository into my YUM configuration:

How do I do this?


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Howdy tc,

What error did you get from the install script?

Adding a yum repo doesn’t have anything to do with rsync…just run the following:

rpm -ivh

But, that’s not going to make your life very easy…getting the install script working is a far better option.